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CEO Mushtaq Hussain Pirzada
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Institute of Research & Advanced Studies (IRAS) is a dynamic seat of learning aspiring to provide highly stimulating and conducive academic environments for quality research, formal education and professional growth.
This Institute is striving for academic and cultural excellence by living up to the international standards of education. We offer innovative syllabi encompassing the latest trends and approaches in the fields of higher education. Our curricular inculcate creativity, objectivity, and critical thinking, impart values of commitment and singleness of purpose to learning and professionalism and promote confidence, adaptability and high-level communication skills in students to ensure the success of our graduates in this highly competitive and challenging global world order.
We are for inter-disciplinary approach and social cohesion. We offer a wide range of courses in the fields of Natural and Physical Sciences, Information Technology, Management and Business & and Medical Sciences.
Institute of Research & Advanced Studies (IRAS) is deeply engaged in the challenging task of developing well-equipped labs to produce quality research in every field and in establishing a proper liaison with market and industry to ensure job opportunities for skilled graduates and young professionals. Our academic and administration place special emphasis on building an inclusive community based on inter-cultural and inter-faith harmony to produce an environment that is safe and friendly by making education a way forward to social and communal.
harmony and tolerance. You will find highly qualified faculty in this Institute dedicated to provide you with excellent opportunities for intellectual and social growth.
Institute comprises beautiful buildings and grounds which promise a variety of healthy, congenial and intellectually transformative opportunities necessary for nation building.
This Institute ensures a successful and bright career for its students. It is hoped that this Institute will earn more laurels in future by responding to the needs of society and market.
Furthermore, you are welcome to experience lively opportunities that Institute of Research & Advanced Studies (IRAS) offers. You are here to join a vibrant community of students, researchers, friends, teachers, mentors, and intellectuals to discover your potential and abilities for creative learning.

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